delivers alcohol

and party supplies

to your door.

Buy it yourself or make a shopping list so your friends can BYOB.

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How it works

Order online to have your alcohol and party supplies delivered anytime.

If you’re planning a party and want your friends to BYOB, you can make a shopping list to share with your guests. Anyone who is invited can buy items from the list. All purchased items will be delivered to your door when you want it.

Here’s a step-by-step look…

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Create a shopping list

Put together a list of alcohol and party supplies for your party. You can buy the items for immediate delivery or go to step 2 and set-up an event to invite your friends to BYOB.


You make the event

Create an event on our site. Date, time, location, dress, theme, safe words—list all your essentials here.


You invite guests

DivvyDown is fully integrated with Gmail so it’s super simple to invite your friends. This is where you talk yourself into, out of and back into inviting your ex. Advice: you look great and there’s plenty of booze. Go for it.


Your Guests Arrive

Your guests will RSVP to your now highly anticipated party and order alcohol from the list you’ve created. Everyone RSVP’s and orders your favorite liquor because you're popular, fascinating and incredibly attractive.


Your booze is delivered

A DivvyDown deliveryman will arrive at your place at a predetermined time. He immediately becomes the most popular person at the party and is asked to stay (Note: he appreciates the gesture but has other deliveries to make). Everything is already paid for and ready for consumption. Congratulations, you just Divvy'd Down!